Emoji Quizz:


  1. 👱🏻‍♂️+📖
  2. 👁+📱
  3. 👱🏻‍♀️+🧪
  4. 🍬+😍
  5. +🎨


  1. +a
  2. 🐈+ar
  3. 👙+💤+🤒 

Super Heros:

  1. 🕷+👨‍💼
  2. 🐜+👱🏻‍♂️
  3. 👸🏻+⚔️


  1. ⚫️+⚪️+⚫️+🍪
  2. 🥵+🤞🏽+🥯


Disney Movies:

  1. 🤠+🧸+🦖+📖
  2. 👸🏻+🦁+rose🥀
  3. 🛌+👸🏻+💋
  4. 👸🏻+🌼+✨+💇🏼‍♀️






Candy Crush









Wonder Woman




Toy Story

Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty



Earth Day – Food and Electric Wastage

The first earth day was in 1970 where over 190 countries engaged (as well Australia). It is always held on April the 22nd and to keep it going, every year, we need to:

  • Recycle
  • Instead of driving, we can ride our bikes or walk
  • Plant lots of trees so there are still enough plants for our oxygen (also, it makes up for the cut down trees)
  • Turn all light off when not needed
  • Use re-usable items

Avoid wasting anything (e.g Paper, food or water)

Following these things are a great thing for the environment. It is good practice to do them everyday.

My avatar and I are linked because…

Here is the link to the site that I used: https://avatarmaker.com it is called “Avatar Maker.”

My avatar and I are linked because we look alike and I do like the colour pink and wearing jumpers. I have glasses and I am longsighted. I received my glasses last year. I am 11 years old and live with my grandpa, my mum, my dad and my younger sister. For a long time, when I was in my early years, I  when though a life series of babysitters since my parents have been very busy because they are doctors which is why the only times I was in hospitable was when I was being born and when I hurt my finger but it got better when we were in the sitting room but my mum put a bandaid on it just to make sure it was better. My grandpa also wears glasses but I forgot to put it in his picture. We all wear glasses.

Here is my family and I in avatar mode…


Thank you to all readers for reading my post.

Commenting on Posts

Most Helpful + WMMST

5. I think this is the most helpful because the comment tells you why it is helpful and it tells you the name. Also it was relevant.

3. This comment was relevant but is does not tell you if it is good or not or why. It also starts to become irrelevant at the end.

2. The post was on topic but Terry does not need to stick his nose into other peoples business.

1. This comment was partly relevant but she housed lots of words like lol and u.

8. This topic was very irrelevant and Dianne is also sticking her nose into other peoples business.

7. The topic was relevant but, it didn’t say who it was for or from. It it also doesn’t include what he or she could improve on or what they did well.

4. This topic is completely out of the blues and Sally forgot to include who the comment was for.

6. Topic topic was also out of the blues and it also had bad things about someones sister. Also, whoever was commenting on whatever Shanny posted, didn’t add their own names.

Least Helpful + WMMST

Creating an Avatar

My avatar was hard to make because I didn’t want it looking terrible but at the same time not wanting it to be too fancy. So I made it the way it is because it isn’t too casual and not too bad in my own opinion. Also, a girl (a nice one in my class) told how to get a flower in my avatar’s hair. I thought it looked even better. Then came the sunglasses and the disco themed background and Perfecto! Here is the picture of my avatar…

200 word writing task…

One holidays, on Christmas eve, I look out of the window and saw the first drop of snow. I love winter because even though it is cold, I can make snowmen on Christmas and I love playing in the snow.

My family and I love to celebrate Christmas in the snow and sometimes my mum, dad and I go on a holiday for a few days. This year, however, we are for a picnic. We’re going to go with my friend Abby and her parents.

“Beep Beep,” says Abby trying to get our attention, “Hurry up Vicky”

I realised that Abby was ready to go. As soon as the parents realised, the parents stopped talking and Abby and I drove in her mum’s car and the dad’s drove in my dad’s car.  Then the long trip began. At  first, the trip was pretty boring but in the end, we sang songs and played eye spy. We also decided to have a break at Mc Donalds.

Finally, we set off once again this time, the dad’s got a huge head start but they were very entertained by their phones. We finally got to the a small grassy area but as a result, we had forgotten our picnic basket. Abby and I were very upset and because of the ruined picnic, we felt that we would never be happy again.

Although, the picnic was ruined, it turned into a road trip.